Panama Update 06/26

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Some of the goup takes a "rest shift" in San Felix

San Felix Chronicles

Indiana Mission Team returns safely to David after a two day service project in San Felix.

Injury report

Jared: nail puncture to the left lower palm. We sliced it open with a knife and sucked out the venom only to find out we used the wrong procedure. (alcohol and a bandaid for this one folks) oh well, at least now we will know what to do if someone gets bit by a snake.

Megan:  a bench or something jumped out and scraped her shin. However, I found it odd that she was not willing to let us attend to her injury.

Jeremy, Jared, Glenn and John: need to learn how to bust up some old concrete without it chipping off and hitting their shins.

Eric: hurt his pride. While getting out of the van upon arriving at one of the church members house, he failed to notice the drainage ditch behind him. He stepped back and his body followed landing on his bottom. He quickly jumped up and let us know he was ok. Then admitted he was just a little embarrased.

Ben C. bugbites galore(looks like chicken pocks) on his feet up to his ankles. He is now never seen without his anti-itch cream.

The team: lonely hearts for loved ones at home.

Some cool stuff 

  • Elise: locks herself in the out-house. This is why 99% of the indigenous only have 3 walls with a piece of plastic (works like a shower curtain) because the crazy gringo missionaries keep locking themselves in. (We have reason to believe she hatched this plan to allow her self time to steal the only real toilet seat we have seen in an out-house.
  • helping the students at the dormitory work on their english homework
  • more rice
  • sleeping 15 people and our stuff in a 15x20 room
  • Chris and Heidi being chased out of their honeymoon sweet(an open dorm room)by cockroaches. This gave them some quality time together as they sat outside their room from 3am-6am waiting for us to get up. Chris has now lost his redemption from the spider incident. (cockroaches freak him out)
  • teenagers and adults of both cultures enjoying and laughing at a corny puppet show
  • the drama that turned into a mud wrestling drama as it was performed outside after the rain (flexibility)
  • the rain cooling off the day giving us a much needed break from the heat.
  • painting mud (an adobe building) is not as easy as it sounds
  • Joanna teaching the community about christ as she painted JESES on the outside of the building
  • James carrying everybody's backpack in his backpack (this baby is huge)
  • improving a dirt road simply by dumping our cement rubble in the ruts
  • seeing a water fall just off of the highway as you drive by (we drove by at least 6 times and it was always amazing)
  • tricking the kids into thinking they had quenched their thirst from a container of water that had not yet been purified.
  • "Late Night Laughies" brought to you in part by Linda Smith
  • physical exhaustion combined with joy and satisfaction
  • being brain dead from processing too much in spanish
  • sleeping on concrete (John's air mattress gave out on the last night)
  • Jeremy-just talkin to my mates
  • Jared missing putting stuff away
  • seeing the void in oppressed peoples life and sharing the love of Christ
  • seeing the youth hungry for food-praying for them to hunger for Jesus
  • God blessing us with wonderful missionaries who truly love Christ and are working for the Kingdom.

Quotes from Glenn Russell:

"If we (the church) would just do what Jesus says to do first, we wouldn't have time to the things we want to do that mess up His church."

Our Favorite

" The adventure you will experience is someone elses life"

We get to leave our adventures no matter how uncomfortable and come back home.

God has blessed us and grown our hearts. We have beem emptied and he has filled us. Pray for endurance for all who return.

We will be at the beach the first part of Saturday Morning (Pacific ocean) and then it is into David to perform the Drama in the town square and then some shopping. Saturday night we will be at "El reunion de jovenes" the youth meeting where our teens will perform their drama, share testimony, and John will give a message on the character of Isaiah towards his King.

Chris will be preaching Sunday, Jeremy preached the first Sunday we were here.

Monday we will head to Panama and the canal and stay in a hotel and prepare for our flight out Tuesday.

ps-forgive the spelling, too tired to check

Till then

We thank God for you as we know you have been faithful in prayer. Grace and Peace




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