Panama Update 06/24

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Mountian Top Report.


No digestive Problems!

Joanna, bump on the shin from the wheelbarrel

Brianne, bump on the head from the wheelbarrel
Katherine, blister on the hand
Praise God for his protection and only small bumps in the road

4 wheel travel 12 miles took 1 hour 45 minutes. John drove one of the two vehicles and is now known as Juan Montoya of the mountains.



using primitive out-houses was a big stretch-but, when you gotta go you gotta go.


after Chris was stranded in the dark with the contrary water pressure and ants the size of a large rat crawling down the tree towards his feet. We decided we didn't want to be in a panic hollering for help while trying to put our clothes back on as Chris did.

we decided 3days without a shower wasn't that bad (driving home 3 days later we would smell our mistake)

Some cool stuff:

  • killing 9 jumping Tarantulas while digging (the size of...well lets just say they were big)
  • Chris had a tarantula on his shoulder (it jumped on him when he was sitting down) it didn't seem to bother him (redeeming him from the shower incident) Ben N. knocked it off his shoulder and Ben C. split the trantula in half with one mighty swing of the pick-axe.
  • Chris is now known as the fearless spider boy and the Ben's are the mighty tarantula tandem. The ben's are contemplating starting up their own pest control business here in Panama. "You Pik the Place, We Pik the Spider"
  • over 300 combined insect bites that will itch throughout the rest of the summer.
  • Panama has been training Turkeys to be guard dogs. Linda had a run in with one as she was trying to get through the gate to use the bathroom (or as we like to call it "the construction site") She hollered for her son Jared with a boisterous voice so loud she scared some of the indigenous back into their houses.
  • laughing together at night before we fell asleep from exhaustion(what a silly bunch we became after working 8 hours in the heat). all you could hear in the dead silence of the jungle was 17 crazy gringos laughing.
  • rooster wake up calls at 4am
  • nightly debreifing and praising God for doing a mighty work in spite of ourselves.
  • pray for Enrique, the son of one of the elders here in David. he went to the mountain with us and we were being straight up with him about repenting and receiving Christ. Pray God raises him up to be a leader in the church. He is 18 yrs of age.

Dios Le Bendiga- God Bless You

......p.s Jenny can you call these people and get these emails here, we want to have them here for Saturday

Katherine Wilcox's mom

Janna Spearback's mom

Ben and Brianne creighton's mom

Matthew Feltrop's mom

some one to write to linda,

the elders of BOL Chris and Heidi

From David, To Saloy in the Mountians

Pastor Philipa, and his Family

Pastor Philipa's Daughters in traditional Dress

The locals would stop by the road and watch
us build for hours.
VBS at Philepe's Church
"The Construction Site"