Foundations of Faith Quiz #5
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Foundations of Faith Quiz #5

Instructions: Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

  1. In order to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you should:
    1. Leave the church you are presently in if they do not speak in tongues
    2. Join the charismatic movement
    3. Become a church member
    4. Be born again

  2. Which of the following references reveals what happened when people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost?
    1. Acts 2:2-4
    2. All of these
    3. Acts 19:6
    4. Acts 10:44-46

  3. Faith is:
    1. The evidence of things not seen
    2. Wishing for something
    3. The same as hope
    4. The same as presumption

  4. The purposes for the gifts of the Holy Spirit:
    1. Are clearly revealed in God's Word
    2. Can never be fulfilled but we should keep trying
    3. Are not realistic
    4. Are not revealed in God's Word

  5. The physical sign of speaking in tongues was evident when believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit:
    1. On the day of Pentecost
    2. At Ephesus
    3. All of these
    4. In the house of Cornelius

  6. Which of the following is a fruit of the Holy Spirit?
    1. Joy
    2. Peace
    3. All of these
    4. Love

  7. Transference of spirits was evident in the Old Testament in:
    1. The story of Moses and Joshua
    2. Joseph and his sons
    3. All of these
    4. The ordination of the Levites

  8. An evidence of the spiritual resurrection of believers is:
    1. All of these
    2. A new master
    3. Death to sin
    4. New life purpose

  9. The new bodies of believers after resurrection will be:
    1. Immortal
    2. Like that of Jesus
    3. All of these
    4. Glorious

  10. Consecration means:
    1. All of these
    2. To be set apart
    3. To refuse to conform to the standards of the world
    4. To conform to the standards of God's Word

  11. The difference between spiritual gifts and natural talents is:
    1. Spiritual gifts are supernatural abilities
    2. Spiritual gifts are inherited
    3. Talents are supernatural
    4. There is no difference

  12. A purpose of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is to:
    1. Promote ministry
    2. Perfect the saints
    3. All of these
    4. Edify Christ and the Church

  13. An objective of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is to:
    1. Mature you spiritually
    2. Cause divisio
    3. Speak in tongues
    4. Show others you are spiritual

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