Foundations of Faith Quiz #2
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Foundations of Faith Quiz #2

Instructions: Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

  1. "Dead works" means:
    1. Things done by the dead
    2. The actions of a life lived apart from God
    3. Historic events
    4. All of these

  2. Conversion means:
    1. The same as confirmation
    2. To turn from the wrong way to the right way
    3. Baptism in water
    4. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

  3. The Bible associates this with repentance:
    1. Faith
    2. Baptism in water
    3. Conversion
    4. All of these

  4. Justification means:
    1. Right standing before God
    2. All of these
    3. Doing penance
    4. Being sorry for your sin

  5. To be "saved" means:
    1. Being confirmed
    2. Baptism in the Holy Spirit
    3. Being freed from sin and its penalties
    4. The same as baptism in water

  6. Faith toward God refers to:
    1. Confirmation
    2. None of these
    3. Your attitude towards God
    4. good conscience

  7. "To baptize" means:
    1. To sprinkle
    2. To confirm
    3. All of these
    4. To immerse

  8. Which of the following is important for Christian baptism:
    1. Instruction
    2. Repentance
    3. All of these
    4. A good conscience towards God

  9. In the New Testament, believing sinners were baptized in water:
    1. Upon approval of the pastor
    2. Immediately
    3. After completing a new believers class
    4. A few months later

  10. The Bible reference which proves there is a difference between the baptism of John and Christian baptism is:
    1. I John 1:8-9
    2. Romans 3:23
    3. John 3:16
    4. Acts 19:1-5

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