Girls/Guys Night Out!

Frequency: Quarterly, with exception of the holidays.  Instead have lockin.

Name: Girls/Guys Night Out!
Date: Sat 5-Feb-2005
Time: 8:00pm until 10:00am

We will meet at the Lytle's house (297-1955) @8pm and watch Chris Lytle fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championships. The guys will be leaving afterwards for the Church, we will play video games till 2am. We will then sleep so that we can get up early on Sunday to be ready for Church.
The Ladies will stay at the Lytle's with Heidi and Courtney. All students will be at church the following day for Church.

Please Bring:
Sleeping bag
Sunday Clothes

Guys-Bring Game systems, Tv's, Games (meet me at the church at 8pm, so that we can get them set up in advance.

P.S. If you don't know where the Lytles live. You can meet me (Chris) from 8-8:30pm that evening at BOL.