Aquire The Fire Info

Here is a list of who are going to ATF.   


Amy Sperback

Carmen Merrell

David King

Ashley Bligan

Katherine Wilcox

Joey Baumgartner



Students need to bring a packed breakfast and money for Lunch and Dinner on Saturday. ($15.00 should cover it.)

Money for snacks and T-shirts etc. is optional.


Friday, April 2nd
Registration at B.O.L.               5:00pm
Leave For ATF                        5:30pm   
ATF Begins                              7:00pm
Back at BOL                          11:00pm
Saturday, April 3rd
7:00am Leave From BOL
8:30am Morning Session
10:00pm Finale
11:15pm Pick up your Students from BOL

For detailed event info click here to visit the official ATF web site.
Directions from Indianapoils
Get on I-69 North, which originates on the Northeast side of I-465.  Take I-69 North to Exit 41 (Muncie/Frankton) at Highway 332.  Turn right onto Highway 332.  Follow the directions for getting to campus from the West (see bottom of page).


  • Indianapolis, 60 miles


From the West

Follow Highway 332 East for approximately 8 miles until you come to Tillotson Avenue (it will be the 4th stop light).  Turn right onto Tillotson.  (The football stadium is on the left.)  Proceed on Tillotson until you come to the 4th stoplight, which will be West University Avenue.  Turn left onto University Avenue.  Just after the first stop light (crossing light) you will see Lucina Hall on the left.  There are three flagpoles in front of the building.  Please park in the metered parking lot that is directly west of Lucina Hall.  It is not necessary to put coins in the meter if you have a parking permit from the Admissions Visitors’ Desk, which is located in the East Lobby of Lucina Hall.


Directions from Muncie to New testament Church of Christ:

Route Steps
  1: Start out going South on S TILOTTSON AVE towards W JACKSON ST by turning left.
Go 0.05 miles
  2: Turn LEFT onto W JACKSON ST.
Go 1.29 miles
  3: W JACKSON ST becomes W JACKSON ST/IN-32 E.
Go 1.17 miles
  4: Turn RIGHT onto S OHIO AVE.
Go 0.39 miles
Go 1.94 miles
  6: Turn LEFT onto OLD IN-3.
Go 0.66 miles
  7: OLD IN-3 becomes US-35 S.
Go 17.94 miles
  8: Turn RIGHT onto IN-1.
Go 5.08 miles
  9: Turn RIGHT onto IN-38.
Go 2.03 miles