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He who has an ear.  Let him hear.

There is a very select group of people today in the Body of Christ that take the time to listen to scripture songs.  Most do not understand the power that is available to the believer who knows and understands the Word of God.  There are a few however that go to great lengths to memorize and study the bible and these are the ones that God calls to do great exploits for His kingdom.


I believe you are one of these people, and that it is your hunger for the things of God that has brought you to this place.  Very few have the persistence to search for a website like this and there are less that would be interested in hosting a scripture song "event".


It is for this reason that I would like to meet you personally.

Please send an email or feel free to call me at my office 317-272-4711 ext. 31 and ask for Chris.  I would love to talk to you and hear about your journeys with the Lord. 


My Booking information is as follows.


Cost:         Free. 

                 (Up to 40 miles outside of Indianapolis Indiana)


Details:      Please call or Email:



Serving the King

Chris Elliott